Who Will Benefit From This Approach

Who Will Benefit
From This Approach

Couples in the Beginning of their Relationship will want to make sure that they establish the foundation for a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. Those couples who have been through this process will tell you that they wish they had gained these awarenesses and skills before they got married. It is these understandings and frameworks that enabled them to grow together, and not grow apart (as half of all marriages eventually do).

Premarital Counseling: Couples planning to marry are forming a lifetime commitment together. Now it becomes even more important that they have a solid foundation for their future life together. And especially for the children they may plan to have as a family.

Fortunately this is a positive approach in gaining these important awarenesses and skills. It will empower each of you. This is what can make all the difference in sustaining your connection and in meeting your dreams.

Even Happily Married Couples will benefit from these new awarenesses. These awarenesses will result in further depth of understanding and appreciation together. You will be surprised with how much you will learn that will empower you. And your relationship. Also developing your skills to more fully respond to and honor each other’s core emotional needs will only deepen their love.

Couples who are Looking to Grow within themselves and in their relationship will find these awarenesses and tools just the ticket.  With these new conscious relationship tools, the relationship now becomes a vehicle for their personal and spiritual growth. With these natural frameworks, they discover that they feel safer opening up more intimately together. In the process, they find themselves learning, growing, healing, sharing and deepening their inner experience together.

Couples who are just Starting to Feel Frustrated, Unhappy, or a little Distant. Now is the time to catch this early and turn it around. Why let it continue to go underground? In many cases, couples might think that it will somehow get better with time. For most couples, it doesn’t. For many, it tends to wear them down as the months and years go by.

Fortunately, you can gain these awarenesses and the skills that can enable you to learn to resolve your issues together.

“Chris was very helpful in guiding us to a happier marriage. My spouse and I had anger issues that had us on edge much of the time. Chris gave us insights that I found eye-opening. We are now able to recognize the underlying reasons for our intense reactions to each other, i.e., why we were causing frustration and hurt, when in our minds, we thought we were just being reasonable. We’re learning how to have a disagreement without emotional upset.

Without Chris, we never would have been able to understand why we triggered each other. We’re much more relaxed and enjoying each other’s company again and for that, I am grateful to Chris.” – R. L.

Couples who Feel Like They Are On Their Last Legs, or who have been together for a while and it has becoming difficult. They are wondering should they throw in the towel? Is it too late to turn it around? There can seem like there is too much baggage.

At this stage, partners may secretly wonder if they could find someone out there who will meet their needs. Think about it. What are the chances of success?

First about your partner — if you were to ask yourself (and ask all of your partner’s previous partners!) — in leaving, how much did he or she really learn and grow in their ability to sustain an intimate relationship?

And now what would your partner say about you? How skillful were you in resolving differences? How wise were you in these inner dynamics that affected the relationship? This can be a reality check of what each of you are taking to the next hope-filled relationship.

Of course, this next person is going to have their own set of sensitivities, insecurities, and inner pressures. This is the human condition. The question is, how much inner self-awareness do each of the partners have? And how much have they developed their skills to be able to resolve the natural differences and tensions together, safely and intimately?

Couples in this situation report that this new approach can make all the difference. And it does not take long. So your choices are: Can you use this relationship to actually develop these life-long understandings and skills? Or go off and fend for yourself, with your level of self-awareness and skills?

“When my husband and I started seeing Chris, we had reached an all time low in our marriage and the only thing we knew with any certainty is that we loved each other and wanted to salvage what was left of our relationship.

Almost immediately after we started weekly sessions with him we began to have a better understanding of one another’s needs and how to communicate more effectively. Our relationship is better than it has ever been and we have Chris to thank for that. He’s very intuitive and makes you feel so at ease that you can tell him anything.” – Atena M.

Lastly, if you are Now Thinking of Separation or Divorce, remember that this opportunity to resolve your issues together is certainly less arduous and costly compared to going through a painful or difficult divorce. Or continuing to live together unfulfilled!

Why not try a session to see if this can make a difference? The first session will give you a new framework of awarenesses and understandings so you can see what is possible. Most couples can turn things around together if they have these tools.

A Relationship “Crises” Is Simply A Wake Up Call

It Simply Shows Exactly Where There Is Needed Growth on Both Sides!

With these new awarenesses and positive, communication and conflict resolution tools, you each use the current divisive issues as a catalyst to resolve your own core insecurities and move your relationship to a new level of closeness and trust.

So this juncture in your relationship right now can either lead to an eventual crisis or it can be an important opportunity for you to grow and take the relationship to the next level. And in the process connect more deeply within your selves, and Together, than ever before!

But it is going to take new awarenesses and tools that provide the necessary level of safety for a deeper emotional connection. And, too, the skills to sustain the intimacy and harmony!

If you stay together and don’t develop these awarenesses and skills , what would move your relationship to a new level. Or restore those initial feelings together?

For many couples, this can be a slippery slope that tends to lead you both down a path towards alienation, loneliness, separation, and possibly divorce. A process that affects not only you, but also your children’s lives, and your families.

What About A Partner Who Resists
Coming to Learn These Skills?

This is understandable. The partner may be thinking:

Why go to some person who does not even know me, where you are just going to tell him how terrible I am. And then you both gang up on me? We will just end up fighting in front of the therapist. And then we leave feeling worse. What’s the point!

However, this orientation is completely different. There is no blame. There is no arguing. The focus is on understanding the differences. And, as you will see, it makes all the difference when you each can get to bottom of it all and make sense of each other’s world of inner needs and sensitivities. So very quickly you both are able to finally come to understand each other. And, more importantly, your selves!

“I’ve seen several therapists over the years and Chris is by far the best ever! I wish I had met him two decades earlier because I have learned so much about myself that not only enriched my marriage but has helped me in all facets of my life. Chris is truly gifted!

So if you prefer the bitch-about-your-partner style therapist, then Chris is not for you. However if you’re ready to truly understand what makes you and your partner thrive so you can nurture each other, then get ready to have Chris rock your world!” – Ann L.

In Trying One Session, What Do You Have to Lose?

And There Is Possibly Everything to Gain!

Your experience right in the first session in this conscious couples approach will be a positive and affirming experience together.

Even if you arrive distressed, unhappy, frustrated, resentful, distrusting, or maybe even not talking to each other. The wisdom of what you will discover is what can change everything. Understanding what that is all about inside each of you can make all of the difference.

And then learning new, effective conscious conflict resolution tools will enable you to resolve your issues together. These safe tools are powerful enough to provide the emotional healing necessary for each of you to resolve the most painful and difficult issues – in your relationship, and from your past.

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