A New Orientation For Couples
For A More Fulfilling Relationship & 

With New Conflict Resolution Skills



When you walk into the session, our focus together is on developing communication skills and awarenesses. This enables you to respond to each other’s needs and sensitivities, and safely resolve your issues together – without blame.  And each grow as a natural result.

So you will leave your first session feeling that something important and necessary has shifted, as you discover these new awarenesses and move forward on track together. For this approach offers a richer level of meaning, harmony, intimacy, and individual growth that is much beyond what we have come to expect.

Fortunately, couples and individuals can readily gain these self-awarenesses, skills and tools that enable them to stay conscious and fully present — within themselves and in their connection in their hearts together — through thick and thin.

You are invited to use this site to explore this orientation and how it can make an important difference in your personal life and in your relationship.

You are also welcome to call to talk about how this approach can be specifically helpful for you. Or arrange for a counseling appointment.


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