Part 2: Communication Skills

Learn New & Effective Communication Skills Together

We all have natural abilities, but it is important to develop our skills so that we are readily able to safely resolve differences, tensions and issues together that naturally arise in our relationship. So there is no need for blame. Or for shutting down and pulling away.

These frameworks also provide the emotional safety for couples to open up more and communicate together more freely. So they connect in a heartfelt way more fully with each other in their shared lives together.

Fortunately, it does not take long to learn these skills. And it is important to do so. Just as it was very important in your job and career where you are expected to take training to increase your skills and effectiveness. However, in your marriage and with your kids, this can be even more as important!

“I highly recommend Chris to help couples learn what they are misunderstanding and over-reacting to in their mates’ communications. His approach is immediately effective and amazingly helpful. At same time, he is open, caring and supportive as we work through some very hard challenges trying to sort out our own issues from those we have as a couple.” – Lynn S.

Couples who gained these awarenesses discovered that they now processed differences, tensions and issues in a completely different way than before. This led to a completely new orientation for resolving conflict, with new frameworks and tools for making the process safe and effective together in their relationship. Instead of distancing each other, they result in actually feeling closer together! And they each grow in the process.

Couples found that they can readily learn these new communication skills, conflict resolution tools, and intimacy skills that uniquely emerged from this orientation. These are the natural life skills necessary to sustain and deepen the Intimacy and connection together.

“My wife and I have seen our fair share of counselors, but after our first session with Chris, it was our first time leaving a session feeling like we just had our first date. Chris’ strategies provided us with the insight to begin to understand each other, as well as ourselves. Chris provides us with the tools to diffuse situations allowing us to work together as opposed to working against one another.

Chris is our marriage coach/trainer/doctor that we plan to continue to see to assist us along our way. We believe in Chris so much that we gift his services to several of our married friends.” – Dr. Mike Davis, DPT


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